Equipment purchases and the possible approval for county employees’ e-mails to be sent to the county’s domain name are among the items on the agenda for commissioners’ court today.

The special meeting, and the first meeting of the month, will start at 9 a.m. Commissioners will meet in the regular courtroom on the main floor of the Brown County Courthouse.

But today is the first day the new county courthouse security measures will be in place. A metal detector will be set up inside the south entrance, and the public will be asked to use that entrance. Anyone who sets off the metal detector will be asked to put their personal effects into a basket and pass again through the metal detector.

Rails have been installed inside the south entrance, creating a path for the public to follow when entering. Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs has urged citizens to not bring metal objects, especially pocket knives, with them when they enter the courthouse.

The courthouse’s north entrance, where the ADA access ramp is, will still be used as an entrance for citizens with disabilities, but the north door will be locked to the general public. A buzzer will be provided for anyone needing to use the handicap entrance, and a deputy will open the door by remote control and check whoever enters with a metal detector wand.

Inmates will continue to be brought into the north entrance.

Items on the agenda for today’s meeting include:

• Consideration and approval for purchase of a tractor, presented by Precinct 2 Commissioner Joel Fulton

• Sheriff’s office employee changes, presented by Grubbs;

• Consideration and approval of full time/part time temporary employee, presented by Precinct 1 Commissioner Steve Adams;

• Consideration and approval of equipment purchase, presented by Precinct 4 Commissioner Larry Track;

• Consideration and possible approval regarding county e-mails to domain name of “”.