CLEBURNE — The former Brownwood store manager whose vehicle crashed in April, killing her 9-month-old daughter, has been found incompetent to stand trial for charges of felony murder and evading arrest with a vehicle.

“She is a very, very, very sick young lady and has been for many, many years,” said Bill Mason, Aimee Fisher-Riza’s Cleburne attorney. “She needs to be constantly monitored by mental health professionals and medications.”

Forensic psychologist J. Randall Price examined Aimee Andrea Fisher-Riza, 36, of Keene on July 6 and declared her incompetent because of impaired cognitive functioning and illogical thought processes, according to a report he wrote.

Fisher-Riza was found competent in an evaluation Price conducted June 7, but his July written report called her “hostile, angry and defiant” and said she was not in touch with reality.

“She is suffering, and the Johnson County jail is unable to care for her in the appropriate fashion,” Price said in a letter to Judge William C. Bosworth. “Also, this defendant represents a constant threat to either harm herself or others. The correctional officers and clinic staff are also at risk.”

Johnson County District Attorney Dale Hanna said he met with Bosworth to discuss the problems Fisher-Riza is creating in the jail.

“We are trying to get her moved to Vernon State Hospital for incompetency treatment as early as possible,” he said.

Fisher-Riza discontinued her medication, Geodon, causing her mental status to severely deteriorate, according to Price’s report.

“She could not attend to a question and answer responsively due to her own distracting mental processes,” he said.

Price said Fisher-Riza appears bizarre, is agitated, has impaired judgment, illogical thought processes and an uncooperative and hostile attitude.

She has bipolar disorder and is manic with psychotic features, according to the report.

Fisher-Riza “does not have the sufficient present ability to consult with her lawyer with a reasonable degree of rational understanding, nor does she have a rational as well as factual understanding of the proceedings against her,” according to the report.

If Fisher-Riza undergoes appropriate treatment, she will likely become competent to stand trial, he said.

“We hope when she gets to the state hospital and on medication, she can regain competency and stand trial,” Hanna said.

Fisher-Riza led Somervell and Johnson County officers on a 25-mile, 40-minute chase April 6 from Glen Rose to Alvarado. The chase ended with the crash of her vehicle and the death of her daughter, Alexxus Andrea Riza.

Fisher-Riza is also being investigated for money that was missing from the Goody’s department store in Brownwood, where she was the manager.

Misty Shultz is a reporter for the Cleburne Times-Review, where this story first appeared.