A Brownwood woman told police her wedding ring disappeared before her wedding, and she believes her fiance — now former fiance — is responsible.

The 50-year-old woman told police Sunday her sister bought the ring for $146 at Wal-Mart on July 17, and the bride-to-be’s fiance, 45, “borrowed” it, a report by Sgt. Randall Krpoun states.

When she asked him to return the ring, he said it was “at Wal-Mart getting engraved,” Krpoun’s report states. It wasn’t there, so the fiance said it was at Friedman’s. The ring wasn’t there either, and the fiance said he lost it.

The woman suspects her fiance traded the ring for drugs and called off the wedding. Krpoun learned the fiance is a wanted man, and police went to his listed address to try to find him. The house at that address is condemned and unoccupied, Krpoun’s report states.