When an 84-year-old Brownwood woman received a call from her grandson saying he was in trouble and needed money, she didn’t hesitate.

The woman wired him $4,125, which the grandson retrieved - and then she learned that the “grandson” who had called her was an impostor, police said.

Her real grandson, who lives in the Dallas area, told her he wasn’t in Canada, where the impostor claimed to be visiting, nor did he call her to ask for money.

Officer Mike Clark met with the woman and her caretaker Tuesday. The woman told Clark a man called her Monday, identified himself as her grandson and said he’d been arrested for DWI after being in a traffic accident in Toronto, Clark’s report states.

He asked her to wire him $3,000. He said he actually needed $5,400 but said he would take $3,000 and insisted that she wire it by MoneyGram.

The woman thought it was odd that he called her “grandma” because her grandchildren typically call her “Meemaw” or by her first name, Clark’s report states.

The man said he was in Canada because his girlfriend had flown to a film festival.

The woman brought $2,000 from home and withdrew another $2,000 from her bank, went to a business and wired the money, Clark’s report states.

The incident was one of several fraud reports Brownwood police are investigating.

On Monday, officer Chandra Geis spoke with a man who said his wife had tried to pass a check at Wal-Mart. The check was refused due to insufficient funds.

The man called TeleCheck and learned someone had opened an account using his name and driver’s license number at a California credit union. Someone wrote a $1,367 check on the account to a clothing store.

A 21-year-old woman told officers Brandon Johnson and Dustin Bode her friend had opened a Verizon account in her name. She called Verizon to close the account but a Verizon representative told her she couldn’t do so without either knowing the password or having the police call.

In other incidents:

• Officer Brandon Arnold arrested Zacheri Espinoza, 32, of Brownwood on an assault charge after a disturbance in the 300 block of Bluffview.

• Someone took a sign from a yard in the 1200 block of Campa.

• Someone took a radio, 100 CDs, $101 and a chain hanging from the rear view mirror from a vehicle parked in the 2000 block of Austin.