Brown County commissioners will be comparing insurance premiums and deductibles in the next two weeks to decide which proposal of two offers the best property and casualty policy for the county.

The county is currently insured through the Texas Association of Counties. On Monday, Robert Porter of Porter Insurance along with Robert Pridemore of Wells Fargo Insurance out of El Paso, presented an insurance plan for the court to consider. The term for the county’s insurance runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2010.

Porter presented notebooks to the commissioners and county judge that included four plan options, and then summarized the 30-page first option, which he said he and Pridemore felt would be the best option for the county.

With a premium of a little more than $232,000, the insurance would cover the county properties against wind storm and other weather-related damage, fire, damage of heating and air conditioning units, crimes involving employee dishonesty and community members or others injured in “a slip and fall” accident. Liability would cover county-owned vehicles, law enforcement officials injured in the line of duty and public officials injured on the job.

“What we need to do as a court is look at the total package, in regards to not only premiums, but also at deductibles,” said Brown County Judge Ray West.

In other business on Monday, the court approved the hiring of Misty Petty who has been hired in the Brown County Extension Service as a clerk and administrative assistant. Beverly Sullivan, who has had that position for a lot of years, will be retiring at the end of the year. Scott Anderson, who introduced Petty to the court, said Sullivan would be able to train Petty by her starting now.

Kitty Cavanaugh with the Brown County Child Welfare Board, presented four board members for the court’s approval. Board members whose terms expire Sept. 30, of this year, but who agreed to serve another term, through Sept. 30, 2012, are Sherry Clark, Paul Coghlan and Elizabeth Wells. Susan Gilger was appointed to fill the seat of Roland Graves, who chose not to serve another term. Cavanaugh told the court that Nan Rodriguez’s term would also expire at the end of the month, but a replacement for her had not been finalized.

And finally, the court approved the tax resale deeds for lots 407 and 408 in Thunderbird Bay Subdivision, Section 1. Kathy H. Wells bid $1,350 for each lot. Total back taxes due was $1,551 on each lot. West said taxes had gone unpaid since 1983.

“I’ll make the motion to approve these sales,” West said. “We need to get this property back on the roll and get these taxes paid.”