It all adds up, and a three week penny drive at some Brownwood schools could add up to some pretty big bucks for the Raise the Woof campaign.

The first week of the Pennies for Paws drive added up to $728, said Priscilla Monson, a Raise the Woof committee member chairing the drive. And the buckets of money were so heavy Monson said, it had taken two grown men to carry them into the bank. Though not counted yet, last week’s collection was “weighed just as much, if not more.”

Friday is the last day of the Pennies for Paws drive and Monson said East, Northwest and Woodland Heights elementary schools, Coggin and Brownwood Intermediate schools have been actively collecting pennies.

“My best guess is we’ll have between $1,500 and $2,000 the kids have collected in three weeks,” Monson said. “I’m extremely happy with that. The kids have really kicked in. They want to do this for the animals.”

The majority of the money collected has been in pennies, but Monson said each bucket “has a fair amount of silver.

“And we’ve had some dollar and 10-dollar bills too. Teachers have told me some of the students cashed in their piggy banks to bring the paper money.”

Kim Campbell, assistant cashier at Citizens National Bank, said a $50 bag of pennies weighs about 25 pounds.

The Raise the Woof campaign is committed to raising the approximately $300,000 in addition to $300,000 previously bequeathed and committed by the City of Brownwood to build and furnish a new Corinne T. Smith Animal Center. Anyone wishing to make a donation may send a check to Raise the Woof Capital Campaign; P.O. Box 1105; Brownwood, TX 76804. To discuss giving opportunities and possible naming options, contact Randee Green, Raise the Woof Capital Campaign chairman at 641-1182 or 642-1202.