Brown County residents who are not registered to vote, and those who have moved since the last election, have three business days to get their paperwork in order in time for the Nov. 3 general election.

“The deadline is Monday,” Suzy Young, Brown County elections administrator, said Wednesday.

No local races will be on the ballot, but 11 amendments to the Texas Constitution will be.

Early voting will run from Oct. 19 through Oct. 30, Young said, and ballots by mail – which are ready now – must be in the election administrator’s office by Oct. 27.

All early voting will be conducted at the elections office, which is inside Adams Street Community Center. The entrance is to the left after going through the front doors.

Young said this will be the last election in the two-year cycle before new voter registration cards are mailed out.

“We’ll begin that process as soon as the November election is over, so residents need to be sure that we have their current mailing addresses,” Young said. “If we don’t have an accurate address on the cards, they will not be forwarded. Instead, they will just come back to us, and go into suspension. After a time, if we don’t hear from the voter, the registration will not be valid.”

Young said the new voter registration cards for existing voters are required to be in the mail on Dec. 5.

Young also reminded voters who do not vote early to carefully examine the list of voting precinct locations on Nov. 3, because some traditional sites are being combined.

That list of voting precincts will be published in the Bulletin at the close of early voting, and immediately prior to election day.