Brownwood school students’ pennies added up to some pretty big bucks for the Raise the Woof campaign.

The three-week “Pennies for Paws” drive at five Brownwood schools collected $2,835.96 — four cents short of an even $2,836.

But, said Priscilla Monson, who chaired the Pennies for Paws campaign, “every penny counted, it was just amazing at how quickly the money added up, she said.

Monson said most of the money collected was in pennies, though there was some silver money and a few one and 10-dollar bills in the collection.

One Brownwood Intermediate School student’s father delivered $25 worth of pennies already in rolls. Twenty-five dollars worth of pennies weighs about 50 pounds.

Monson said Brownwood Intermediate School, Coggin, and East, Northwest and Woodland Heights elementary schools participated in the drive.

“Congratulations to all the schools,” Monson said, “and a tremendous thanks to the students who gave so much of their time and money to help the animal shelter.”

The Raise the Woof campaign is getting closer and closer to its total goal of $600,000, at least half of which was in place when the campaign began last month. At Tuesday’s city council meeting, another $100,000 was committed to fund, and an additional $50,000 is expected from the Humane Society, as well as the $25,000 proceeds available from the Brownwood Economic Development Corp. after the Humane Society released five acres from its 10-acre lease.

Campaign organizers have announced major gifts of $25,000 from John and Lucy Harkey; $10,000 from Allen and Betty Cass; and $5,000 from David and Amy Geeslin.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, city council members voted unanimously to award a bid of $499,951 to Kirby Rasco Construction of Zephyr for the construction of the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center. The construction bid does not include paved parking and driveways and animal kennels, but those items are accounted for in the Raise the Woof campaign.