A Brownwood woman was arrested Thursday night and charged with murder after striking a roommate with a vehicle in the 2000 block of Avenue B.

Pamela Sue Belveal, 42, Brownwood, gained access to the back yard by traveling down an alley and entering through an opening in the fence.

“[Belveal] observed the victim sitting upright on the ground,” said Sgt. Troy Carroll, Brownwood Police Department. “She then accelerated and struck him with the vehicle — a 1993 gray Dodge truck.”

The incident occurred a little before 8 p.m., Carroll said.

The victim, Robert LeBlanc, 46, of Brownwood was pronounced dead at the scene.

Carroll said there is a connection between Belveal and the victim.

“Both parties were living in the home at the same time,” Carroll said. “It appears as if they had a relationship in the past. At this point though, they were just living in the same house together.”

Several other individuals also live at the residence, Carroll said.

Earlier Thursday evening, Belveal and two others left the home to pick up pizza, Carroll said.

“She was not driving when they left to pick up the food,” Carroll said. “But, at the pizza place, the initial driver exited the vehicle. That left [Belveal], who took over as the driver, and another passenger in the vehicle.”

After striking LeBlanc, the vehicle’s momentum was slowed after hitting a fence. A small tree touching the backside of the fence was also struck. Belveal and the passenger were not harmed during the collision, Carroll said.

Field sobriety tasks were performed at the scene, Carroll said.

“It appears she was intoxicated,” Carroll said, noting that alcohol was found in the vehicle.

Carroll said the investigation is ongoing.

“We are still interviewing witnesses, including the suspect,” Carroll said. “She is considered a suspect and a witness.”

This incident is not Belveal’s first dealing with law enforcement, Carroll said. “She has a history with the local police department.”

Belveal is being held at the Brown County Jail on a $500,000 bond.