Lydick-Hooks was awarded the bid on the roof replacement for the Brown County Law Enforcement Center Monday by the commissioners court.

County Judge Ray West said that two other bids were received, but that only Lydick-Hooks’ bid addressed the specifications, and that the other two could not be considered. Bids were opened during the court meeting last week and included a bid from Prime Source Construction of Burleson, $346,800; Lydick-Hooks Roofing of Brownwood, $666,383 with a $39,085 alternate; and D.K. Haney of Fort Worth, $349,347 with an alternate of $42,125. The two bids from outside Brownwood were for a Duro-Last System roofing product, West said.

A roofing company out of San Angelo put the original roof on the 9-year-old law enforcement center, and West said that company did not submit a bid. However, West also noted there had been some problems with the roof “that are not considered leaks, but are problems with water getting to the inside from the outside that have been there since the building was new.” Major leaking problems on the flat roof that holds some 20 air conditioner units resulted after a hail storm in May of 2006. That continuing leaking problem is a major reason the jail was found to be out of compliance earlier this year.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office had been told that the jail would remain out of compliance until the roof was completely repaired.

West said in an interview before the meeting, that through considerable negotiations, the insurer for the building had allowed for a settlement up to $750,000.

“So the repairs are not coming out of taxpayers’ pockets,” West said.

After the meeting, Jim Merriman, with Lydick-Hooks said construction on the new roof would begin in 30 days and that measures would be taken to correct problems with the original design that allowed water to come inside from the outside.