Standing proud and tall, 150 Air Force Junior ROTC cadets gathered in formation Thursday afternoon on Howard Payne Universityís front lawn for a retreat ceremony.

The cadets, with 40 instructors, are from high schools across Texas and they are attending a leadership training camp. The camp, which began Monday, ends today with a pass in review at 11 a.m.

The campís challenges include mental and physical activities, team-building and problem-solving. Though the practices, standards and uniforms of high school ROTC programs reflect a strong military influence, cadets are not pressured to join the military, instructors have said.

The cadetsí days in camp began with a 5 a.m., followed by PT and reveille. Other activities throughout the days included drill, inspections, seminars on topics including leadership, attitude, ethics and time management, and team sports.

Instructors have said the camp makes the cadets better leaders and citizens.