For the staff at the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center, Saturday was a “good” day.

Three dogs went home with families — two as adoptions, and one on a trial basis that seemed destined to become an adoption.

Ten animals, though, were brought into the shelter.

“That’s a very good day,” staff member Deena Green said — a good day because some animals did go home with families. Some days, Green said, several animals come in and none go out.

As of Friday, the animal center had 61 dogs and 21 cats, staff members said.

Two animals the staff is particularly hopeful of finding homes for are a pair of male Himalayan cats. The felines were litter mates and their previous owners “emphasized that we are to keep them together,” staff member Dan Kelly said.

He said the previous owners moved to a smaller home and no longer have room for the two cats.

“They’re very rare. They’re very expensive,” Kelly said of the breed.

Kelly hopes some members of the community will follow the example of his mother, Billie Edmondson, who is taking advantage of a new method of donating to the animal center.

Kelly said his mother is using coupon, or payment, books that are available from the center. A donor can send in a payment coupon along with a donation, much like making a car payment.

Kelly said he hopes 1,000 community members will use the coupon books to make monthly $25 donations — although more than $25 can be donated.

Green said she would like to remind the community that spay and neuter vouchers are still available for dogs and cats.

A voucher for a cat is $20.

There is no set cost for a dog voucher but the animal center asks for whatever donation the dog owner wants to give.