Brown County Sheriff’s officials gave awards to deputies and jailers recently at the Law Enforcement Center.

Sheriff Bobby Grubbs handed out the awards at a department-wide cookout last week.

Jailers Anthony Spivey and James Cole were given letters of appreciation in honor of their dual service — with the Sheriff’s Office and with the Texas National Guard.

Both have served a tour in Iraq and are being deployed for a second Iraq tour. “These men have sacrificed a great deal for their country and our nation,” Grubbs said. “These men are volunteer soldiers who choose to serve and will again put themselves in harm’s way.

“Thank you men for serving in the war on crime and in the global war on terror.”

The Sheriff’s Commen-dation was presented to deputy Brian Lundy, who is assigned to the warrants/transportation unit of the Sheriff’s Office.

Lundy has been a deputy since 1997 and has served in patrol, CID and warrants, Grubbs said. “His outstanding service in each of these units is well noted by supervisors and peers,” Grubbs said.

“As a CID deputy, Brian was a detail-oriented, tenacious investigator. Suspects did not want Lundy investigating their cases because he wouldn’t quit until the crook was in jail.”

The Officer of the Year award was presented to patrol deputy Pete Bastardo. Grubbs said Bastardo “has become a proven leader in the patrol division” who has the ability and patience to assist his fellow officers and new deputies.

Bastardo has developed the skill of “looking deeper into a situation” and finding activities that are “overt acts in much larger criminal activities,” Grubbs said.

Bastardo has a “sixth sense” as shown when he responded to a burn ban violation and finding several buckets of copper stolen in a recent burglary. He detained five people until help arrived, and arrests were made.

The Rookie of the Year award was presented to patrol deputy Jed Polnick, who was hired in October 2007. Polnick received excellent ratings from field training officers and has adapted well in his transition from “civilian to outstanding law enforcement officer,” Grubbs said.

“He has made a total of 121 arrests including nine felonies in an eight-month period,” Grubbs said. “He is a very aggressive and proactive officer and has a true passion for his job.”

Todd Moody was recognized as the jail supervisor of the year. Christina Clark was recognized as jailer of the year. Jailers presented Jail Administrator Becky Caffee with their own award in recognition of her work in the jail.