Brownwood High School has a new friend.

Fort Hood’s 21st Cavalry Brigade has followed through with its commander’s promise last month that the unit — which is the U.S. Army’s only Combat Aviation Training Brigade — will adopt Brownwood High and will be available to assist in a number of ways.

“Technically, we’re already there” with the adoption, Col. Scott Thompson, the 21st Cavalry’s commander, said Friday.

The adoption will become official when brigade representatives put up a sign in front of the school this week, expected to happen on June 24 or 25, Thompson said. The details of putting up the sign were still being worked out Friday.

Last month, Thompson announced during Brownwood Day at Camp Bowie that the 21st Cavalry planned to adopt the school. He said then that most of the schools in the Killeen-Fort Hood area have been adopted by a Fort Hood unit.

The adoption means for the school “what the unit and school want it to be,” Thompson said.

He said soldiers will help with events such as landscaping, career day, homecoming, and prom. Homecoming, for example, might involve having a helicopter on static display.

Soldiers would typically be present to help either after arriving in Brownwood on training flights or driving, Thompson said.

“This is not a recruiting tool,” Thompson said. “That’s not what we want this to primarily be.”

Brownwood High principal Bill Faircloth said the details are still being worked out, but “they will come and help us do things. It’s quite an honor, really.”