A family moving to Brownwood had a rough beginning — someone took a safe that contained $54,000 worth of jewelry and other items from the back of their U-Haul truck, police said.

The incident is one of two recent burglaries involving the loss of jewelry. Sheriff’s officials are investigating a burglary at a rural residence in which $15,000 to $20,000 worth of jewelry was taken.

The jewelry taken in the Brownwood burglary consisted of rings, earrings, watches and necklaces, a report by officer Chris Hill states. A family member also told Hill the safe also contained an autographed Babe Ruth baseball from the 1940s, worth $25,000, and family documents and videos.

Hill was dispatched to a home Friday morning in the 2100 block of 10th, where a woman said she and her family had just moved from California. When family members went out to the truck to unload it, they saw that the padlock on the truck’s rear doors was gone, Hill’s report states.

The only thing missing was the safe, the woman told Hill.

The woman said she was unsure where the safe was actually taken, as the family made overnight stops in California, New Mexico and Texas. When Hill arrived, the truck had already been unloaded and turned in to a local U-Haul dealer.

Hill went to the dealer and found the truck, but there was no evidence to be obtained, Hill’s report states. He did notice that the paint by the locking mechanism at the rear doors contained fresh pry marks.

In the rural burglary, deputy Harold Allgood was dispatched Friday night to a home at an undisclosed address on Highway 183 South. Someone crawled through a doggie door on the home’s back door and took a jewelry box with items including rings, watches and necklaces.

A woman told Allgood she arrived home from work and noticed the sliding back door was off and the sticks that keep the door locked were removed. She also noticed that the doggie door was missing and the screws were on the floor.

The woman told Allgood a family member has been asking her for money and she has denied the request. She said she can’t see the family member committing the crime but said she’d like an investigator to speak with the family member.

The woman said another family member, who is currently in jail in Abilene, and his girlfriend had also been in the house before the burglary.