BANGS — Improving the streets here and the purchase of an Asphalt Zipper were the focal points during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

The beginning of the meeting saw former mayor Steve Whittenberg address the council regarding the Asphalt Zipper and the additional equipment and supplies required for work to begin.

“I would like to respectfully urge the council to get the Asphalt Zipper in operation for its intended use,” Whittenberg said.

Later in the meeting, during the line item discussion regarding the machine, council member Kim Henderson agreed with Whittenberg.

“The main gripe I have heard about Bangs are our streets,” Henderson said. “And I hear them weekly. We are receiving money from a tax that our citizens voted for and I think we need to get whatever it takes to get that zipper operational.”

The council voted to look into the cost of supplies and equipment needed in order to begin work.

The total cost of the Asphalt Zipper is roughly $86,000. The note, which requires one annual payment of a little under $20,000, will be paid for by a street tax approved by voters in May 2007. The one-quarter cent levy for street maintenance and repair has already collected more than $20,000.

Informational literature regarding the Asphalt Zipper states the machine pulverizes and blends asphalt surfaces that are coated with some base. The term used for this process is full debt reclamation.

In other business, the council:

• Received monthly activity reports for the month of May. Judge Ronnie Lappe said the court collected $1,676 in revenue. Police officer Reese Shaffer said the department responded to 133 calls in May while driving 4,364 miles at a cost of $595.46 in fuel. Volunteer Fire Department Chief Rick Preas reported the group reported to 14 calls. Code enforcement representative Onie Carroll said he conducted 21 inspections with 24 violations and 17 corrections. “I am amazed at the cooperation I receive here,” Carroll told the council. Johnny Curry, head of the water department reported that brush was retrieved from 101 homes after the May 8 storm.

• Voted to allow Mayor Martin Molotsky and City Secretary Nan Brush to confer and purchase a time clock, its cost not to exceed $600. Molotsky and Brush were also granted approval to research costs for the purchase of a surveillance system for city hall.

• Voted to research the cost of looping back dead-end water lines.

• Discussed the possibility of having a contest to develop a city logo and/or slogan.

“We need something that signifies Bangs and shows pride in our community,” Molotsky said.

Because of the legalities involved with a municipality hosting a contest, the council decided to allow Mayor Pro-Tem Waymond Sheppard to take the idea to the Bangs Business Association.

• Roycelyn Geron presented the council with services provided by SC Services and Associates, who pursue collection of debts on water accounts. Geron said the city is currently owed roughly $20,000 in unpaid water bills. SC Services and Associates, if approved, would tack an additional 30 percent to the bill, with the city receiving exactly what was originally due. The company also does its own bookkeeping. “That is a plus because we wouldn’t be doing all of that extra work,” Geron said. The council asked city attorney Mark Bessent to look into the suggestion before any further discussion.

The next regular meeting of the Bangs City Council will be at 6:30 p.m., July 14 at city hall.