A 26-year-old man was stabbed late Wednesday night at a roadside park on Highway 183 South.

No arrests had been made as of Thursday morning, and the Brown County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation. The man’s former girlfriend and the man she had moved in with earlier in the day Wednesday are being sought for questioning.

Toby Cecil Atkinson was stabbed three times, but the wounds were not considered life-threatening, according to the report filed Thursday by Deputy David Varner.

The man being sought for questioning had talked to Varner at about 6 p.m. Wednesday and complained Atkinson had been making harassing phone calls and had threatened to come to the residence. Varner reported he made contact with Atkinson and told him “the phone calls needed to stop” and that he was not welcome at the complainant’s residence. Varner’s report stated that Atkinson agreed to stop and stated he only wanted to make sure the female was not being held against her will or she wasn’t being harmed.

About 10 p.m. Wednesday, Varner received a call reporting the stabbing. Atkinson told Varner his former girlfriend had called him and asked her to come get her, but, when he told her he had been warned not to go to the residence, she asked him to meet her at the roadside park. According to Varner’s report, Atkinson said he arrived at the park first, and then his former girlfriend arrived, a passenger in the van driven by the man she had moved in with earlier that day. The girlfriend approached Atkinson, and then the man rushed toward him. Atkinson was stabbed in the lower left back, then once he was in his vehicle, he was stabbed two more times in the shoulder area.

Atkinson drove a fraction of a mile, but the assailant managed to puncture a tire and he stopped because the tire went flat. Motorists passing by stopped to render aid and reported the incident.

In other matters, reports filed by the Brownwood City Police on Thursday include the following:

• Shortly after midnight on Thursday a man reported his 2004 Harley-Davidson, valued at $8,000, stolen from where it was parked in front of the Silver Fox Nightclub at 515 Commerce. The man told police he had removed the key but failed to “lock down” the handle bars.

• A 58-year-old woman was arrested for assault causing bodily injury after neighbors called police because she was pushing and hitting her 39-year-old daughter. The woman told police her daughter borrowed her car and didn’t bring it back when she said she would.

According to reports filed earlier this week, police are investigating the burglary of a tool shed in the 2400 block of Vine, in which tools valued at between $1,500 and $2,000 were stolen.

Numerous items were taken, including a chain saw, a jig saw, leaf blower, a cordless kit, air compressor, drill tool back and a magnetic level. According to the police report filed Tuesday, the burglar “drilled” the lock of the shed where the tools were stored.

On Monday, police were called to investigate the burglary of a vehicle parked near the emergency entrance of Brownwood Regional Medical Center. A woman told police she had left her purse in the floorboard of her 2003 Chevrolet Suburban, and had left the vehicle unlocked.

Her purse did not have any cash in it, but her debit card, insurance card and children’s Social Security cards were in her billfold. The purse also contained a bottle of perfume and make-up that the woman said was worth about $200.