BANGS - School officials will apply for a state grant to pay for video security cameras for the high school following last monthís vandalism, school Superintendent Bill Foster said.

He said Bangs police are following up leads, but no arrests have been made. Bangs Police Chief Ricky Minica could not be reached Friday for comment.

School officials donít yet have a dollar amount on the vandalism, which happened on the weekend of Sept. 27-28. Officials are forwarding information to the districtís insurance, and an adjuster will tally the damage, Foster said.

A teacher who went to the school to do some work on the afternoon of Sept. 28, a Sunday, discovered the vandalism.

Cameras were included in initial plans for the school, but were eliminated in an effort to reduce the high cost of building the school, Foster said. He said the district will apply for a grant through the Texas Association of School Boards.

School officials had to discard more than $8,000 worth of food following the vandalism, and officials are waiting to learn whether the rock wall in the cafeteria will need to be replaced, Foster said. Workers tried steam-cleaning the wall Friday morning in an effort to remove egg stains, but it wasnít immediately known if the wall will still need replacing, he said.

Minica said earlier he believes at least three committed the vandalism. The vandals trashed the library and cafeteria.

The new high school facility was the centerpiece of a $9.25 million bond issue voters passed in 2005, and had just opened for use when the fall semester began in late August.

Minica said earlier the vandals got in by rigging an exterior door so it would not lock even though it appeared the door was locked.

In the library, vandals set four small paper fires that did little damage, and damaged bookcases and other furniture.

The library has not yet reopened, Foster said.

A reward of $4,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible - $2,000 from private contributions and $2,000 from Crime Stoppers.