Three dogs belonging to a family in northern Brown County were recently exposed to rabies, sheriff’s officials said.

A raccoon went onto the property and bit a three-month-old healer pup in the lip, and may have exposed two other small dogs, a report by sheriff’s Sgt. Jimmy Simpson states.

The raccoon was sent off and tested positive for rabies, the report states.

The healer pup was not current on rabies vaccination because of his age, and the pup was put down. The other two dogs were current on rabies vaccinations but were given vaccine boosters and will be quarantined.

Earlier this month, two other cases of rabies in northern Brown County prompted law enforcement officials to issue a message of caution to residents.

Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs urged residents not to touch any animal they see that is acting strangely.

Brownwood Animal Control Officer Nick Ferguson also offered advice: don’t touch bats.

Health officials have urged two people to undergo rabies shots after they picked up bats from the ground and were bitten, Ferguson said. The bats flew away and it is unknown if they were rabid, but the individuals need rabies shots as a precaution, he said.

Bat bite victims may erroneously think the bite is no big deal because they don’t seem serious at the time, Ferguson said.

“If you’re exposed to any animal, you should let us know and keep the animal around to be tested, if you can, Ferguson said.