Erratic driving while a Brownwood police officer was watching resulted in a trip to jail Monday for a local man.

Shannon Reeder, 37, Brownwood, was arrested and charged with DWI, third or more, after the incident.

While parked in a parking lot near the intersection of Coggin and Austin, officer Joe Taylor observed a white Dodge Ram “straddling the lines” while driving north on Austin, Taylor’s report states. Taylor had previously heard a report of a vehicle with the matching description driving recklessly.

Taylor began to follow Reeder when he observed another traffic violation. Reeder, while attempting to turn left onto Avenue C from Austin “overshot the turn by about 10 to 15 feet,” the report states. Taylor watched as Reeder “jerked” the truck and made a “jagged and unsafe” turn.

Upon initiating a traffic stop, Taylor smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle and asked Reeder how much he had drunk.

“I’m (expletive) up,” Reeder replied, Taylor’s report states.

When asked to step out of the vehicle, Reeder nearly fell and was unable to maintain balance without the use of the vehicle, according to the report. Taylor once again asked Reeder how much alcohol he had consumed, and Reeder replied, “..a million.” Reeder retracted the statement and told Taylor he had consumed nine beers.

Taylor’s report states that Reeder began displaying unpredictable behavior with “bouts of uncontrollable sobbing and moments of extreme rage where he began to become physically belligerent.”

Reeder’s imbalance caused Taylor to be concerned about Reeder’s and his own safety. So Taylor ceased all attempts at conducting field sobriety tests and placed Reeder in handcuffs.

While searching the vehicle, Taylor located several empty beer cans, an empty vodka bottle and a jar with an unidentified liquid which emitted an odor of some type of alcohol.