It's coincidental of course, but for the third week in a row "a wet system of some sort" was setting up, just as "possible burn ban" was on the agenda for Brown County Commissioners' consideration.

"We're good," Commissioners Steve Adams, Joel Kelton, Larry Traweek and Richard Gist replied when asked about conditions in each or the court members' respective precincts.

Brown County Judge Ray West, who asked each

commissioner about the conditions noted there has been a "wet system of some sort" each Monday when the burn ban was on the agenda.

"Maybe we should have tried this earlier," West said.

No action was taken or motion needed to be made since court members agreed there was no need for a ban, and there isn't a burn ban for the county currently.

Only two other items were on Monday's commissioners' agenda. Ann Krpoun, county treasurer, presented explanations for a county deferred compensation plan. The changes are being mandated by the state, Krpoun said, but required the commissioners' approval.

Kelton got approval for the purchase of a 3D John Deere backhoe with an extended hoeing mechanism for Precinct 2, which he said funds were available for in the budget. The purchase will be made through the state buy board.

Kelton said the precinct will be selling a dump truck and the backhoe it has been using.