Residents of Thunderbird Bay, Tamarack Mountain and Harbor Point should receive notification within the next several days that the Thunderbird Bay Subdivision Water system is facing an emergency situation and the current raw water intake location will be unusable in three to four weeks.

A letter was sent to Brown County Judge Ray West on Sept. 28 from John Fultz, temporary receiver for Thunderbird Bay Subdivision Water system, concerning the water supply, but that letter has been retracted and a corrected version was to be issued very soon.

That letter will likely request short term assistance for emergency water through the County and Disaster District Committee Chair.

According to an email from Terry L. Clawson, manager of media relations for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the second letter to West will repeat that Thunderbird Bay Subdivision is facing an emergency situation as the water level in Lake Brownwood, the system's surface water source, continues to quickly fall due to drought conditions.

"The engineer for the water system estimates that due to rapidly falling lake levels (north end), the current raw water intake location will be unusable as soon as three to four weeks," Clawson wrote in the email.

The raw water intake has already been relocated to deeper water twice during the summer of 2011, Clawson wrote.

As temporary receiver, Fultz has requested TCEQ's approval to construct a temporary above ground line to connect to Brookesmith SUD's nearest treated water line, which is approximately 1.7 miles away, Clawson explained.

"This project will take approximately three weeks to complete and there is concern the intake location will become unusable prior to the completion of construction," Clawson's email states.

In Fultz's original letter to West, he wrote that though steps had been taken to extend the Thunderbird Bay system's intake into Lake Brownwood, the drought had continued and the lake level has dwindled.

"We are now facing the need to find alternative sources for the water supply," Fultz wrote in the letter. "If we are unable to secure an alternate supply within this time period, we will be required to request the enactment of the Emergency Drinking Water Annex V to provide residents water."

Fultz's original letter concludes, "We are also advising the residents of the critical situation we are in and requesting their continued assistance in monitoring their water usage."