Congressman Mike Conaway (R-TX) voted yes Monday on S.365, the amended Budget Control Act of 2011.

"Seven months ago, Americans across the nation made their voices heard; tired of Washington's free spending ways, the nation elected a new majority focused on cutting up the federal credit cards and dedicated to bringing down the debt and deficit threatening our children's future," said Congressman Conaway.

"Today, at the eleventh hour, these voices echoed across the House gallery as Members voted to cut federal discretionary spending for two straight years.

"We still have a long way to go to bring this deficit under control, but this vote was an important step.

"While this deal is not perfect, it shows how much House Republicans have changed the culture in Washington and paved the way for bigger changes.

"In January, Republicans made clear that raising the debt ceiling was out of the question unless proposed legislation included spending cuts larger than the debt limit hike, protected Americans from tax increases, and required both Houses to vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment. Over the past few months, our demands seemed to fall on deaf ears. Now, at the precipice of financial crisis, the President and Democrats in Congress have decided to listen, and in doing so have come to terms with a deal that will cut and cap spending and pave the way for a vote on a balanced budget amendment."