Rain, sweet wonderful rain fell in steady showers during the predawn and much of the morning Saturday throughout most of Brown County, but no amount of celebration could make the showers stay for longer.

"No, that was it," said Kimberly Hoeppner, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in San Angelo. "It looked like that system would be over Brown County through the afternoon on Saturday, but it's just petered out.

"And there's no more rain in the forecast at least for a while."

While a system will likely prevail and keep the showers falling in the central part of the country, Hoeppner said, the central part of Texas has seen all the rain it's going to for a while.

What did fall, was welcomed, even celebrated. In south Brownwood boys rode their bikes in the by then steady sprinkle shouting, "It's raining. It's raining." People stood on their porches or beneath their garage overhangs just watching the long hoped and prayed for water fall from the sky.

According to the NWS website posted late Saturday afternoon, Brownwood Regional Airport reported a measurement of just over 4 inches and there were unofficial reports ranging from 2 to 4 inches throughout the county.

Hoeppner said official NWS measurements for Brown County would not be posted until Sunday.

"A lot of West and Central Texas got some much needed rain," Hoeppner said. "I wish I could tell you what you want to hear, that there's more on the way, but that's just not what we're showing."

But, Hoeppner said, "I can tell you that this system in place now is showing a slow warming. We probably won't be back in the 100-plus degree temperatures until Wednesday or later."