A 19-year-old man ended up in the emergency room following a weekend party at Lake Brownwood in which he and other young adults got high from snorting bath salt - a substance Early Police Chief David Mercer described earlier as a new "street drug."

The man threw up and urinated on himself after using the substance, a report by deputy Robert Lehman states.

He had been released from Brownwood Regional Medical Center emergency room by Sunday afternoon, Lehman's report states. The man's parents told Lehman their son is a former user of K2, a dried herb sprayed with a chemical compound, that, when smoked, creates a marijuana-like high, officials have said. It has been marketed as an incense, but numerous communities including Brownwood and Early have banned the ingredients in K2.

"People are trying to find something to slide under the bar of the law to produce and sell this stuff," Sheriff Bobby Grubbs said. "This is an ongoing fight."