Brownwood schools are showing a strong enrollment increase this year, with a head count of 3,608 on Tuesday compared to 3,560 at the start of class in August 2010.

"Today, we posted for a third teacher for second grade at East Elementary," Dr. Reece Blincoe, superintendent, said. "Last year, the school board decided to build four new classrooms at East, and it appears that planning was perfect."

It's likely that the fourth classroom will be needed next year, he added.

The district has also made some adjustments this week to reduce a few elementary school classes from around 25 to the required 22 or less.

"We're already filled up at Woodland Heights, and we will probably continue to get more students past Labor Day," Blincoe said. "But usually around the second week of September, things begin to even out."

Meanwhile, enrollment in the Early Independent School District is down 42 students compared to the start of 2010, Superintendent Brett Koch said. But it is typical for the number of students to increase until after Labor Day, and then to grow slightly into the school year, he added.

Total enrollment so far is 1,198, Koch said Wednesday.

"We're still fine-tuning the budget, and even though this is a little lower than we had predicted, we're happy where we're at. The budget will be presented to the school board for adoption Aug. 30."

Enrollment figures for all schools in the Bangs Independent School District were not immediately available. However, J.B. Stephens Elementary School Principal Mike Cofresi said the head count there stood at 400, with 61 in first grade, 71 in second grade, 75 in third grade and 89 in fourth grade. Kindergarten students total 73, and pre-K had 28. Three students are enrolled in early childhood.

"We're down a few," Cofresi said, "but we had a large fourth grade class from last year move on to middle school. Those students will show up in the enrollment figures there."

Brownwood school enrollment figures as of Tuesday are as follows, according to Luci McFadden of the central administration office: EE/pre-K - 161; kindergarten - 303; 1st - 315; 2nd - 301; 3rd - 286; 4th - 273; 5th - 260; 6th - 248; 7th - 271; 8th - 258; 9th - 277; 10th - 246; 11th - 209; 12th - 200.