The investigation of a minor traffic accident on Friday led to charges of possession of marijuana of the driver and his passenger, Troy Eaton and Aaron Rodriguez.

Officer Kevin Ard arrested Jason Valdez, 31, on a DWI charge after he failed to negotiate a curve in the 900 block of Riverside Drive and hit a parked car. Valdez was taken to Brownwood Regional Medical Center for a blood draw and then transported to the Brown County Jail.

A woman who rented a storage unit in May returned to Brownwood from Houston to retrieve her belongings and discovered the lock had been changed on the unit, all of her things were missing and someone else's things were stored there.

Officers Brandon McMillian and Officer Steven Means stopped a vehicle they saw swerve out of control on CC Woodson Sunday and arrested the driver on a DWI charge after he failed a field sobriety charge. Driver Daniel Hunt was taken to the Brown County Jail after a blood test and booked for a first offense DWI.

Also on Sunday, McMillian and Means stopped a vehicle in the 900 block of Early Boulevard for a traffic violation and swerving across the center line. Standard field sobriety test were provided and the driver Juan Rolando Perez was taken to the Hospital for a blood test then to the Brown County Jail where he was charged on a first offense DWI.