I know I am a bit behind the curve here, but I still need to say a few things about the Oscars that were handed out last Sunday. But no, I don’t want to complain about the last minute goof in the Best Picture category.

Goodness knows most of us make some kind of mistake in our job most days. I don’t know why everyone lost their minds because the wrong envelope was handed to the two people who were supposed to reveal who had won.

I wanted to take just a minute to talk about how quickly the producers of “La La Land,” who thought they had won, gave away their prize to the producers of “Moonlight” and how lovely they were about the whole thing.

I have often wondered what it would be like to get to go to an event like the Oscars, and today I heard I will on a much smaller scale.

This year the Herald Democrat is going to reveal the winners of the Best of Texoma awards at a gala. And I have to say I am getting fairly excited about it. Granted, it won’t quite be the Oscars, but I am the kind of gal that likes an excuse to buy a nice outfit and mix and mingle.

I know the folks who are going to be in charge of handing out those awards will be on top of the situation and will make sure the right names are called, but if something were to happen where the wrong winner were announced, I could see our local folks accepting the mistake with the same level of class and true honor that was shown in Hollywood last weekend. I think the problem is that we sometimes forget that the people we idolize are just human, in the end.

Whether those who are looked up to run a great car dealership or make the best enchiladas in town, they are just people who live among us and go to church with us and stand around and watch our children compete at school events with us. And I know they will all be pulling for each other in April when the Herald Democrat announces the winners of this year’s Best of Texoma contest.

Happy birthday Friday to Courtney Gillespie of Denison; Leighanna Henslee, Jenene Mask, Mike Tarzis, Mary Lindsey, and Sam Walton, all of Sherman; Leeann Jacobs; Nate Jarnagin; and Carrie Waller of Howe.

Happy anniversary Friday to Kelley and B.R. Frith of Sherman, 10 years.