Loss is never easy. Some losses affect society as a whole. I knew the two, who were both strong at one time, had been fading for several years. Earlier this week, another blow was delivered to the two who some hold dear. Watching as these two friends continue to suffer is frustrating and leaves many wondering when they will eventually leave forever.

As difficult as it has been, I have come to the realization that accountability and common sense are slowly being replaced by entitlement and immaturity. Common sense and accountability, as important as they once were, require more self-reflection that most are wanting to give.

Several years ago, I heard someone say, “If I could bottle common sense, I would be rich.” I would be a billionaire many times over if that were true, and that is just in regards to the last presidential election. At this point, some of you may be recalling event or situations in which common sense and accountability could have changed a dynamic.

As sad as it is, I, and I am assuming many others, have come to the realization that there is a group who act, react and think from a completely different standpoint. The reason for this half-sarcastic, fully frustrated rant stems from some utter ridiculousness I read earlier this week.

Recently, Sheriff Vance Hill, Brownwood Police Chief Terry Nichols and Early Police Chief David Mercer have been working together to continue the fight against drugs in the Brown County community. These joint efforts have proven to be successful thus far. One such joint effort was highlighted earlier this week by most, if not all, of the local media outlets.

Twenty years ago, this most recent bust would have been printed in the Brownwood Bulletin, which would then be discussed at places of employment, coffee houses and the dinner table. These days, with the Internet and social media, thoughts are known immediately, and wow, just wow. Back to this week’s bust. This was a basic story. Boy and girl preparing drugs. Boy and girl doing drugs. Boy and girls intending to sell and deliver drugs. Boy and girl arrested. More drugs taken off the street.

I truly pray the two arrested this week, just like others who struggle with a stronghold of addiction will change, but also understand that consequences and punishments need to be realized. Apparently, there are some who would rather play the “blame game” than admit that common sense and accountability should be part of the decision-making process.

As I read through social media comments, there were a few who blamed law enforcement for the unwise choices made by the two who were arrested in this collaborative effort. “If the police did this” and “If the police did that” littered the comment thread. Let me explain something. If common sense were prevalent, making, doing and selling drugs would not happen in the first place. And, the last time I checked, law enforcement didn’t force these two, or others who have traveled down this same path, to make poor decisions. I have made my poor decisions in my life, just like all of you, but I also know those decisions were mine, and not those of others. To blame others for your decisions continues to weaken common sense and accountability. After reading these comments, I wondered how differently our world look if everyone took a little bit longer to think and were more quick to take responsibility. Just a thought.


Rick Phelps is the news director at KOXE-KBWD radio and a former staff writer for the Brownwood Bulletin. Comments may be emailed to news@brownwoodbulletin.com.