Recently, I was asked to pinpoint a particular trait or behavior that bothered me. At the time, I stated “anyone who talks down to another or walks around feeling as if they are better than another.”

Not a single person alive today is better than another. Feel free to agree or disagree. However, if you disagree, you are wrong. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I was reminded of another behavior, that for some, is equally as annoying, and sometimes beyond-frustrating.

Entitlement is nothing new, but it has evolved. Numbers seem to be exponentially increasing of those who do not grasp the concept of working for a paycheck. Even worse, in my opinion, are those who feel as if they are owed, but have done nothing to earn anything.

I tossed the point in there regarding employment because of several different social media conversations I have read. Before I jump into this, here is a friendly reminder. If you claim to be needing a job and you have a family to support, you take whatever (legal) work is available, work hard for your family and then move on to “bigger and better things” when the opportunity arises. Money pays the bills. Money feeds your family. Work. Work hard. It is that simple.

To localize my point, I have read on many occasions, “there are no jobs in Brownwood.” Wrong. In the last week alone, I have seen six businesses, in Brownwood with “Now Hiring” signs taped to the front door.

If you want to work, there are opportunities. Being picky doesn’t pay the bills. Working does. More than a year ago, to help assist area residents, a Web site was created that lists jobs in this area.

To break it down, work is available. You have to work to find work. In our community, we have some who work more than one job, and for some, more than two, just to ensure groceries are in the house and spouses and children receive what is needed. This is not a rant. This is a basic truth. Unless one is physically unable, and money is needed, get a J-O-B.

Now, for those who feel as if the world owes a debt, where did that mindset come from? This kind of thinking is lazy, ridiculous and very, very annoying. I am not referring to blessing someone because you feel led. Who I am referring too are the ones who constantly have a hand out and are willing to consistently ask others for money. Rewind about 15-20 seconds and you will find the solution.

If money is an issue, which it is for many, work for it. Please understand my heart. This obviously does not apply to everyone. There are those who work hard and still struggle. Those are the folks I would be willing to help, if we are in a position to do so.

Let me clear this up with an example. Two months ago, someone asked us for $20, saying her children needed medicine. Obviously, we never want to see children in a bad way. The same day we gave this person that money, she posts on social media pictures of herself with two bottles of liquor with the tag “Someone hooked me up with a 20. Who wants to hang out”?

Obviously, we were disappointed and prayed for her, but the situation was still aggravating. Like I said, entitlement is lazy, ridiculous and annoying.

I am aware that I used the words “simple” and “simply” often, but there is a reason. Many basic decisions in life are simple. And in the case of maintaining an entitled attitude, the decision is simple. Stop thinking the world owes you. Get a job. Work hard to stand on your own and do your part in making the world a better place.

Rick Phelps is the news director at KOXE-KBWD radio and a former staff writer for the Brownwood Bulletin. Comments may be emailed to