The last inning, clock running, now what would you do?

In an ongoing case of long standing, I was told “I couldn't counter sue because a suit had been filed against me,” for “failure to foreclose in a timely manner,” by an unethical attorney positioning himself in a delinquent owner financed land contract. Imagine that?

The law, I've trusted has not protected me. The land was seized and sold, seems impossible in our country. I had been too lenient in an effort to help the borrower in their time of need, etc.

My remedy, as presented, accept payment under original contract and reimbursement of taxes paid to avoid a tax sale and penalties.

While parties suing me enjoyed the benefit of increased land revenues in the sale, I'm told there's nothing in the law to protect me?

I'm amazed that we elders are so vulnerable and the meas to dupe, so inventive by the unscrupulous. I realize this pales in the light of other instances, but the abuse of principle is glaringly un-American.

However, if this serves as a warning or if anyone has advice to share before the soon scheduled “final hearing” to “sweep under the rug” it would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, in closing, how awesome that we do have freedom, right of ownership, speech and a wonderful Savior, who gave all for all. Happy Easter.

Jo Sledge


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