This may be a little lengthy. The reason to make a point about what my grandfather taught.

Now some of you younger folks will think this was in the dark ages. I am 73 years of age. When my grandfather taught me about the following topic.

When I was 8 years old in 1951, I had a paper route. It was safe back then for an 8 year old to be out alone. At age 10, I was actually a soda jerk in a drug store. Today that would be against the law. At 14, I went to work for local business. At 14 I was not working in my mom’s restaurant. There I was a car hop on roller skates. I also was a bus boy/dish washer/waiter/cook.

During my life I had three professional careers. At 17 I joined the Marines, served over six years. Later I was a fire fighter for 13 years. An injury caused me to retire. But I decided after 18 months to start a new career. I retired after 26 years as a law enforcement officer. Also during all these years, I actually wrote down (those that I could remember) 48 part-time jobs.

Now for the point my grandfather taught me. I was raised by mom so I cherished everything my grandfather taught me. At 10 years old he sat me down and said “Grandson during your life you will meet all types of people. Just remember that if you have not had to live the life they have and if you never did the job they do then (he put extra emphasis) shut up! At least until you do their job.

Now I am like a lot of people. I get upset like anyone else. There have been times when I didn’t get my newspaper and I wasn’t a happy camper. Then if dawns on me, I only delivered the paper.

I had no control on the job of having to get the ads, printing photos or distribution. Yes I have not gotten my paper. When I don’t, I call. The first thing I ask is “are the carriers running late?”

The staff very nicely tell me yes or sometimes no. They tell me they will give me credit for the paper I missed, or if I’m coming to town the next day I will pick one up.

After talking to the people at the Bulletin I found out the printing press is old and they just keep repairing it. Well I asked what the cost for a new one. I was informed it could cost close to one million dollars.

Now think about this being Brownwood and not Dallas. If the Bulletin got a new press then they must find a lot more advertising. The cost of paper has to skyrocket from today’s price.

I also found out that these dedicated people really want to serve our community. The staff at times have worked 24 hours to get the paper out due to break downs or other problems beyond their control. Some staff members have driven all the way to Waxahachie to get the paper printed just so we can have our local paper.

So please ask nicely first and find out what the problem is and, yes my carrier will miss me, but very rarely. The staff that answer the phones have zero control. Do not take it out on them.


Howard Whitney