From what I understand, the board has passed a formal resolution confirming the tax rate of $0.11/$100 of assessed value, as well as the following Exemptions: Disabled Veteran, up to 20% of home value not less than $5,000 for Homestead, $10,000 over 65 (as well as a Property Tax Freeze for seniors 65+), and $10,000 Disability. The only taxpayer money Ranger College currently receives is from Ranger ISD, and Ranger College has done everything in our communities without any of our financial support.  Considering that, I think what Ranger College has accomplished is a great feat.

People that are opposed to the Ranger College Annexation fail to mention that along with the $0.11/100 tax rate, we will also get representation on the Board. The board members are the ones in charge of whether our taxes go up or stay the same, not the staff of Ranger College. If you look at the history of the Ranger College tax rate, it has been reduced twice in the past 10 years. The $0.11/$100 would be the second lowest tax rate, only behind that of the Brown County Road and Bridge Fund, which is currently $0.08.

I will be voting “Yes” to the Ranger College Annexation because I believe investing in the education of our students and citizens pays great dividends to the economic strength of our area.

Rick Howard