HB 3332 Act 2013 83 Leg. June 14, 2013 — Sponsored by Sen. Troy Fraser, Rep. Jim Keffer

Added amendment the HB 2221 stating that any county containing a TSTC campus could not be annexed by a junior college. Amendment added statement that the above does not keep Brown County from being annexed.

This amendment only benefitted Ranger Junior College. This was done without Brown County residents’ (voters’) knowledge and without their ability to vote on the issue affecting Brown County. What benefits did our Congressman get in return?

Ad valorem taxes can only be used for maintenance and operations of a school or government office in a county from which they are collected, not anything else.

Putting tax money in a general fund for all counties involved is ethically wrong. If any one of the county taxes is investigated the funds can be covered by shifting (transferring) funds to cover any situation. This in itself could be called a form of money laundering, shell game, now you see it now you don’t.

A statement in the Brownwood Bulletin stated attorney Trey Trainor verified signatures on the petition. That is a false statement because we did not witness each signature. He could only verify the names on the list of voters registered. The signature means nothing, only the name. The Brown County Elections Office only requires the number to qualify to get on this ballot.

Ranger, your hands are not clean when it comes to false statements and misleading information, including having laws change to benefit you.

Cost for 73 graduating student for the past year. Just for BISD along would be 20,000 at $0.11 per $100 valuation. The first service plan for Brown County was $0.15 per $100 valuation. This is the one that got you eligible to get a petition. Since these are only information only, there could be a third service plan which could occur after voting, if passed, as the Board of Trustees can change the plan again as existing board rules.


J.V. Hall