I was glad to see in his letter to the editor in the Brownwood Bulletin Wednesday (10/25/17) that our mayor is finally seeing the light about Ranger College. Believe me Mr. Mayor your decision is a good one.

The proponents for the annexation keep stating that the proposed tax was stated in the Service Plan as required by state law which we now know wasn’t required. And since their list of resolutions are tied together with the statement “and, whereas” then it would seem to me that if one is wrong then they all are. They also state that the 11 cent tax is the M&O rate and now we see that they want to combine the M&O rate with the I&S rate imposed up in Ranger.

It seems that things keep changing in order to try and appease a voter sitting on the fence. So what happened to the President’s statement during the KTXS newscast on 7/19/17 that the debt tax up in Eastland County would be kept separate and the accounting would be done separately?

There is a statement by Bert Massey in their latest flyer that asks us to do our own research.

Well I did a little digging and by googling “Ranger College bond document” I found a PDF document labeled “Oppenheimer & Co. william blair raymond james - Government Capital” regarding the Ranger College bond. On page 22 of that document there is a payment schedule. After calculating the tax from the net taxable property values to be collected in the Ranger College district for the I&S portion of the total tax a problem arose.

Granted I don’t know how these bond payments work but according to the document the first payment was a lot more that the taxes that would be collected. Is it possible that’s why they want us to also pay on the debt service tax? I don’t know but an answer from Ranger College is something we all should expect.

Now they seem to be hung up on the Facebook post about rent increases. I read where it was stated the average rent increase would only be about $8. How someone could come up with that I don’t know but it did leave out an important calculation. Someone who owns rental property depends on the income like most of us do our salary. It also has to pay their own personal property taxes. Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just business just like a retail outlet owner depends on a certain profit margin to pay the taxes assessed against their business and home.

Their latest little flyer has statements from Fmr Lt. Gov. Barnes and Fmr. Rep. Keffer. Jim Keffer from Eastland is the one who authored the House Bill (HB3332) which was quietly passed in 2013 and forced us into this annexation situation. I’m hoping that Representative Mike Lang will help us get this bill repealed.

Finally we need this annexation attempt defeated by an overwhelming majority so please get out and vote against this. According to The Waggin’ Tongue up in Ranger the bond election up there passed with the help of 165 students who will not contribute one cent toward the $10 million debt. The bond passed by only 106 votes. It seems that a lot of folks stayed home because they thought it could never pass and as reported there were quite a few who didn’t even know about the election.

Please don’t let that happen here, We need all of your votes to defeat this thing. I have a feeling that if this passes in any of the three counties there will be some reason given that the tax needs to be higher than 11 cents.

Scott Blackburn