If itís Halloween, it must be time for a candy scare. But this one, as the others have been, are not pranks.

Health officials in several states say White Rabbit candy may be contaminated with a substance blamed for sickening thousands of infants in China. So far, the chemical melamine has been found in candy being sold in California and four Connecticut stores, but thereís no evidence that itís been found in Texas.

Last year, concerns were raised about lead used in paints on toys made in China, including the inexpensive trick-or-treat containers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the candy is imported from China and distributed to stores in eight states, including Oregon. The vanilla-flavored candy is available in most U.S. Chinatowns. Melamine has been associated with contaminated infant formula and other Chinese products containing milk protein.

The FDA says no illnesses were associated with the candy. Melamine is said to be used by some food makers in China to boost protein counts, but it can cause kidney stones. Itís the same product associated with massive pet food recalls in the U.S. two years ago.

This is a reminder to parents of how important it is for them to guard their childrenís safety on Halloween not only during their door-to-door visits, but also when they return home to eat their rewards.

Brownwood Bulletin