Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

May 27 not a good day for officers in the Brownwood Police Department. Three years ago my husband was shot twice along with another officer in the line of duty. Innocent families and good officers hurt this day, once again, because of the actions of a horrible man.

I have read and heard comments from many of your readers and people within our community. Many are quick to blame the officers for the actions of a few bad men and poor leadership. So, as (some of) you begin to criticize them, remember there are many good guys and girls out there working extremely hard every day and putting their lives on the line for you and your families.

Please give them the respect and encouragement they have earned.

If you want to learn more, get involved, or communicate with officers online why not visit the BMPA Web site at www.brownwoodpd.org.

Michelle Owings