To the editor:

I am writing this letter in reference to the upcoming Brown County Sheriff’s election. This is the first time I have ever written a letter to the editor, but I feel that this election is very important to our county and surrounding area. I do not feel that this election should be on the basis of gender. As a whole, I think our country is far too focused on gender and race and that for the most part the election should be squarely evaluated under the spotlight of qualifications as opposed to the often used smoke screen of discrimination.

I totally agree sexual and racial discrimination has no place in our nation. Unfortunately in the past, this was an issue, but I believe that our nation has matured, and discrimination is most often used as a political ploy as opposed to a genuine issue.

I have known Sheriff Grubbs for a sufficient length of time and I do not, in any way, feel that he is motivated by sexual discrimination or chauvinistic tendencies. It is my opinion that Sheriff Grubbs is the best qualified candidate for this position. I have lived in Brownwood and Brown County for over 38 years, and it has been my honor to serve the patients of this area during that time period.

In addition to my medical career, I have also been closely associated with law enforcement in Louisiana prior to moving to Texas in 1969. As a citizen, I feel that Sheriff Grubbs has definitely made inroads into solving the drug problem that we have in this area. I personally know of no incidences of abuse of power and feel that Sheriff Grubbs is doing his very best to serve our community.

A note from personal experience, whenever you take on a new and significant endeavor that it takes time to assemble the best team for the job. I feel that it would be a shame for our community not to benefit from the team that he has assembled. Talking with the chief deputy and other deputies, I felt this was also the consensus of those working in the department.

Sheriff Grubbs has placed female officers and employees in significant positions of authority and feel there will be no sexual discrimination in his department.

Sheriff Grubbs has the experience; let’s give him an opportunity to finish the job that he has started.

Henry W. McGowen, M.D.