To the editor:

This is a letter to all those who were not watching CSpan 2 on the afternoon of May 21.

It was the U.S. Senate, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island was showing a poster with $7.7 trillion displayed. To better visualize how much this is, just make a stack of pennies 43 feet high and each penny is worth $1 billion.

This is the amount of money that George Bush has borrowed from Japan, China, Mexico, etc. This is more money than all the previous presidents combined have borrowed. George Bush and his Republican supporters in Congress have done this to us. It will take several generations for us to repay this amount.

Think what we could have done with this money had we been able to use it for the United States. For one thing, we could have had universal health care.

Please think about this when you decide who you want to represent you in Washington come November.

Martha Ours