The sound of sirens are schedule to returned to the City of Brownwood this week. Officials have been testing the once-mothballed siren system Thursday and today as they prepare to revive them as a supplement to the CodeRED telephone notification system used to warn residents in cases of an emergency.

Itís a prudent move. When disaster looms, a community canít have enough different ways to let its residents know they need to take action to protect their lives and their property. A phone call from CodeRED is one modern way to make those notifications, but this system is only as good as its phone number database. Its success also rests on citizens being at their phones to take the recorded call.

The sirens require more maintenance, and are more expensive, but their wails are more immediate, and they are able to alert people who are in their cars or who have changed phone numbers.

In Central Texas, violent weather remains the most probable disaster that might strike. But whatever the emergency might be, people need to know. The return of the sirens will help.

Brownwood Bulletin