To the editor:

We would like to thank our community for coming together to show support for our Military. The response for the Letters from Home Christmas Box Project has been incredible. Some of the items we place in the Christmas Boxes are cards, letters and poems of support. Military have told us that these mean so much and it is so good to see the support from “home.” We wanted to share one of the poems we received this year. Our young people amaze us with the insight they have regarding what our Military do for us and the sacrifices the Military make to keep us safe. Thank you to Emily Florence for sharing this with our military.

American Pride

While I go to school and have fun,

You slave away in the heat of the sun.

I get a good night’s sleep every night,

But you always have to be ready to fight.

Sometimes, I have one or two people pick on me, But you battle entire cities.

I dream of getting out on my own,

You dream of family and home.

My home and country is really nice,

But I owe all of this to your sacrifice.

So now I say thank you.

Thank you for protecting my rights,

Thank you for not giving up,

Thank you for risking your life for mine,

Thank you for ignoring the people who don’t support you,

Above all, thank you for your courage.



Emily Florence, sophomore,

Zephyr Common School District

Thank you, Emily, and to all of our youth who have made cards of support for our Military. They are deeply appreciated.

Joyce Leidig, Babs Shields and Lisa Flood

Military and Family Support Group