Overachievers are those individuals or groups who repeatedly produce results over and above what would reasonably be expected within the parameters of available resources. The primary trait exhibited by overachievers is that they are fearless about the tasks or projects they will take on, often embarking on tasks that would typically be attributed to persons or groups with substantially more resources or manpower personnel. A sense of imminent or even possible failure does not exist with overachieving persons or groups. Every community has them, but sometimes they are so behind the scenes that they are virtually invisible.

Overachievers feed on their own past successes. The Lake Brownwood Lions Club (LBLC) has a fairly lengthy list of those recent successes on which to feast. For about 30 years the LBLC, the brainchild of the late Paul Palmer, has gone about raising monies and distributing that money to worthwhile projects in the community, in Texas and in the world. The Lions internationally consider the world to be their community.

With about 55 active and energetic members, the LBLC continues to raise the bar for itself. For years they have provided funding for eyeglasses and hearing aids for those in need and without means to pay. Now through their in-school screening program they are actively going into the community seeking out those in need rather than waiting for them to ask for help. This year they plan to screen for sight and hearing defects and fingerprint more than 5,000 students in Central Texas school districts. Itís a draining, demanding, labor intensive and rewarding undertaking.

Following Hurricane Rita, LBLC raised $10,000 for victim relief. While most people were writing checks and making contributions to third party relief distribution organizations, LBLC decided to distribute their contributions personally to those on the fringes of the areas included in the government designated disaster areas. With the cooperation of a local auto dealer who provided a van for transportation a delegation of Lions members went to hurricane ravaged areas in East Texas and personally handed out gift cards to affected families.

Not to rest on past achievements LBLC is now in the midst of a fund raising campaign with a goal of $15,000 to assist in areas decimated by Hurricane Ike. Through raffles, auctions, barbecues and their financial life line, twice weekly bingo program, they plan to raise that money in six weeks and repeat their procedure of delivering the goods personally.

You will be seeing LBLC members in front of local businesses asking for your financial support for this mission. Watch and listen for times and dates of other family fun fund-raising activities that will allow you to help through the work of LBLCís decision to face the facts personally.

With a simple and forthright motto of WE SERVE Lions Clubs worldwide are often at the forefront of disaster relief efforts. The Lake Brownwood Lions Club has put a local face on what might otherwise be an impersonal check-writing campaign as they once again go about the business of silently over achieving.

John Kliebenstein is circulation and operations manager of the Brownwood Bulletin. His column appears on Tuesdays. E-mail him at john.kliebenstein@brownwoodbulletin.com.