Jittery about the economy, some loyal donors to the Brown County United Way might consider cutting back – or even sitting it out entirely– this year.

But need does not take a break for economic downturns, and neither does the importance of maintaining strong local programs for young people. Agencies who serve thousands of Brown County residents depend on the annual United Way campaign for their agencies to function.

The agency, which kicked off its campaign at a Thursday luncheon, has acknowledged both economic reality and the needs of its 15 agencies by setting the 2010 campaign goal at the same $325,000 mark that the drive had last year.

The best goals for any worthwhile endeavor are challenging, but attainable. The United Way’s target fits that description.

Whether they are involved in youth enrichment, meeting basic or special needs or providing child care, these agencies represent the heart of the helping community in Brown County. The theme for the campaign is “Live United,” and that rhymes with “give united.”

We have no doubt that members of the local community who are able will step forward to do exactly that – give their “fair share” or more, and make this a successful year for the Brown County United Way in spite of outside conditions.

Brownwood Bulletin