To the editor:

Are the 9-1-1 numbers or addresses we have any good? Approximately a week ago, a very dear friend of mine had a heart attack while he was working at his farm in a nearby community. He was able to call his wife to get him help. She immediately called 911 as we’ve all been told to do in such an emergency. The dispatcher transferred her to the sheriff's department and they gave her a number to call to reach the ambulance. My friend was so shook up by that time she couldn’t think. Thankfully, there was a person there to help her with the number she was given and she finally contacted the ambulance. After stating the emergency and 911 address that we’ve all been given, she was told they didn't have a clue where she was talking about. So she ask ed them to get them to get into the ambulance so she could direct them on the way.

His children beat the ambulance by approximately 30 minutes. Thank God, for the wonderful R.N, who had decided to take a different route home that day, because we truly believe if she hadn’t shown up it would have cost him his life.

By the time the ambulance got there and got him flown to Scott and White approximately four hours had gone by since the first call was made, and because of that, the doctor said he most likely has damage to his heart.

Why did the dispatcher not dispatch the ambulance immediately?

Willena Benson