It seems inevitable that when Brownwood High School teachers are interviewed by representatives of the Association of Texas Professional Educators as part of a study on improved test scores that the word “construction” will be used.

The fact that Brownwood High has been chosen for the study because of significant improvement in standardized test scores is quite an achievement. But the fact that most of the improvement has come in spite of a wholesale reconstruction of the campus’ physical plant makes such gains truly remarkable.

The data examined by the state organization identified Brownwood High as a candidate for this study. Researchers hope to be able to collect information from schools that are showing success in improving scores so that others may benefit. Demographics are as important as academic scores in this study, local school officials said. Some schools enjoy success because their students are economically advantaged. That’s not so much the case here.

Only the students, teachers and administrators who are at Brownwood High daily fully appreciate the challenges that they have overcome during the past three years as portions of the high school have been torn down and rebuilt. Classrooms and offices are moved and moved again, yet education — and a superior brand of education at that — has gone on in spite of it. It’s little wonder that high school officials were in the mood to celebrate this week.

Brownwood Bulletin