To the editor:

Too many times we accept the words of others that an issue is an either/or proposition; that is, it offers only two choices. A man sees a glass with water in it and declares it half empty. Another sees the glass and says itís half full. Ah, but a third happens by and claims that the glass is twice as large as it needs to be. Then a fourth stops and looks and says there is no glass and no wateróitís all imaginary.

Recently we were told that Congress would pass the immigration reform (amnesty) bill, or we would plunge into hopelessness. No other resolutions possible. No? What about enforcing the immigration laws already on the books? What about sealing our borders, then executing a measured effort to (a) significantly punish those who hire illegal immigrants, and (b) slowly but certainly expelling the illegals across that secure border back to their countries of origin? Jobs for the lawbreakers begin to dry up. Many make their own ways back south. Americans and legal immigrants take the vacated jobs at higher wages. Prices rise, yes, but supply and demand for workers and prices will moderate against extremes. Our savings from not providing more welfare benefits will begin to increase, making tax decreases a more distinct possibility.

Life is not always either/or. Not always Democrat/Republican. Maybe itís time for independents to assert themselves and hold both traditional parties hostage until proposed bills fit our national objectives more closely. It could happen. And it would be far better and more honest than the meretricious bill of goods weíve been sold.

Don Burks