For the fourth year, the Heart of Texas Girl Scout Council is honoring a group of “Women of Distinction,” and the luncheon recognizing them is being held today. This annual event provides well-deserved recognition to a group of outstanding citizens, but it also celebrates the many roles women hold in every walk life in business, civic and cultural activities.

The honorees this year are Bradlee Dodds, Dr. Nancy Jo Humfeld, Evelyn Hutchings, Katy Lord, Priscilla Monson, Kit Timmins and Michelle Wasson. Their names will be added to the list of honorees from previous years, who are Donna Hair, Jessie Hamilton, Mary Johnson, Ella B. Jones, Mariann Morris Tackett, Minnie Graves and Peggy Hensley, who were recognized in 2006; Mary Blake, Ann Jones, Kay Leipzig, Edda Ratliff and Ladon Spence, all from 2005; and Bernice Porter, who was the sole honoree from the program’s inaugural year.

This honor roll of women who have distinguished themselves by their service and character is one way the community can publicly thank these women for their leadership. But it is also a way to hold them up as role models to young girls who need examples to follow.

Preparing young women for the opportunities and challenges they will face is a primary goal of the Girl Scouts organization. Its programs and activities continue to offer guidance and instruction for young women who in a few years will be stepping into similar community service roles as they grow into adulthood.

The decision to expand the recognition from one woman to several is certainly one that has helped build this annual event, because there is no lack of eligible candidates. These honorees and thousands of other women are vital to the progress and success of countless businesses, churches, community organizations and — yes — families throughout the area. Whether they do so through the programs offered by Girl Scouts or elsewhere, they merit our appreciation.

Brownwood Bulletin