Families are often looking for things to do during the summer months, but parents living in Brown County don’t have to look far this weekend. The Lyric Performing Arts Company will be staging its production of “Nine Dragons” by George Herman today, Saturday and Sunday.

The six shows scheduled, including three matinee performances, should make it a date that will fit into almost everyone’s schedule.

“Nine Dragons” is described as a fable. It’s a children’s story, certainly, but like most fables, there’s something in it that will be of value to adults, as well. It’s a story of conflict between two cultures and how the oldest and wisest of the dragons offers a solution that prevents a war from taking place. And who doesn’t need some pointers in conflict resolution?

The shows will again be staged at the Howard Payne University Theatre, the home for Lyric productions until restoration of the Lyric Theatre downtown is completed. Progress continues on that front, but it’s a massive undertaking. Even so, some major gifts and lots of volunteer labor have left no doubt that the theater will again be a showplace for a variety of performances, and that it will happen sooner than later. But the community’s support and assistance is still needed to speed that day.

When the restoration is complete, the Lyric will become a focal point for artistic endeavors and an exciting additional to the growing mix of retailers, restaurants, offices, homes and tourist attractions downtown. In the meantime, being a part of the audience for Lyric shows is another way area residents can participate in this effort and enjoy some good theater at the same time.

The entertainment the Lyric company is offering this weekend is a welcome addition to the summer calendar. It not only provides an enjoyable show for the community and a stage for some talented performers, it serves as a reminder that grand days are ahead for the Lyric, with the continued help of supporters.

Brownwood Bulletin