To the editor:

Great was my surprise this past week when I appeared before the Brown County Tax Appeals Review Board.

This was my first time ever for me to make a protest concerning my property taxes in Brown County or any other county.

Although not sure what to expect, I went into the meeting with low expectations and hoped for a favorable ruling.

What a treat to find that the Appraisal Review Board listened intently, considered the facts with common sense and genuine concern and had a true regard for the fairness and equality. I would also add that the representative for the Appraisal District was equally intent on getting the right solution for my protest.

Their ruling was truly fair to all involved, even giving consideration to those involved but not present at the hearing.

I left the meeting more impressed with their commitment to fairness, rather than the decision of my protest.

It is my opinion that the citizens of Brownwood should know that even if you protest and results do not go in your favor, the process will be fair.

Hats off to the Brown County Tax Appraisal Review Board of Appeals.

We need more like them.

Brad Goodman