To the editor:

In response to the Mr. Kirk Woolery — Two sides:

Mr. Woolery, please do not mix truth with rumor. If you do not support Barack Obama, that's fine, but at least be honest. To start, you insult the reader when you question Senator Obama's religious beliefs — he is a real Christian. When you repeat the silly rumor that he refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance only the lazy will fall for it. In this day and age, if it were true, the video would be blasted 24/7 on FOX News. Turn off FOX and watch C-SPAN. Your assessment of Senator Obama is nothing more than FOX News blather and it is shameful!

You think the Democrats are in charge? You must not be aware that it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass anything. So, if you are honest, you will concede that Republicans are responsible for the standoff in legislation. Their use of the dreaded filibuster has reached historical dimensions. And let's not forget that President Bush loves his power of VETO. Had you been a C-SPAN watcher, you could have seen our very own Sen. John Cornyn vote against the new G.I. Bill and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison vote for it. I hope to see Cornyn replaced with Rick Noriega (now on active duty) in November.

Do you really believe that the Democrats are responsible for the price of gasoline? You may want to do a little more research on that. The Republican love for deregulation has resulted in speculation on the oil markets. There is no shortage of gasoline — only a shortage of money for the people to pay for it.

You may want to look a little further at the War in Iraq. Things are not so good. I saw a hearing on C-SPAN last week where members of the Iraqi Parliament said that our military presence is not welcome. The Iraqi people (in excess of 70 percent) want us out of there immediately. When asked would the Iraqi people rather have Saddam still in power, the answer from their elected official was a resounding YES. He said that the U.S. removed an evil man and now hundreds have taken his place and his country is in ruins. He said things will never get better until we leave. I’ll bet you didn’t see that on FOX or any of the other “liberal” (what a joke) news media.

My advice to you, sir: open your mind as you research who would be the best leader for our country. Try to get past those tired old talking points and educate yourself. Turn off FOX and tune into C-SPAN. Gauge for yourself America’s perilous condition. There is more to a democracy than electricity and running water.

Sheila Richardson